Meet the Team

Jill McMullan

Jill - CofounderJPG

was born in Harrisonburg and has called it home for the last decade. With over ten years of experience in design and hospitality, Jill curates a welcoming and friendly experience for Broad Porch customers and coordinates our local events. She also nurtures the dozen-plus plants that share our space. When she's not at the shop, Jill can be found hiking, woodworking, and spending time with her dog.


Phil Duntemann

Phil Cofounder.JPG

has lived in Harrisonburg for the last ten years. He discovered locally roasted coffee after getting his degree in environmental science, and decided to get into the craft himself. Broad Porch Coffee Co. is named for the place where it all began. Over the past four years he has developed our wonderful coffee with a proud commitment to both flavor and responsible production. Phil currently oversees all roasting operations at Broad Porch, when he's not reading and being an attentive cat-dad.